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Shipping Guide

Generating Pick Lists and Packing Slips

We use good shipping platforms who provide robust tools for generating pick lists and packing slips to support your specific fulfillment process. For large consignments, a pick list with all orders and order items in sync with packing slips and shipping labels ensures an efficient assembly line or end-to-end process. Careful attention should be paid to what details can be included on each document and the sequence in which they will print out on any given shipping solution.

The Shipping Picking Process

Picking is something that is mostly unknown to our customer, so it doesn’t affect our selling environment. The process we employ is efficient to order fulfillment process , cross check and ensure accuracy for each order as it is picked. This chart outlines the key shipping and physical environment capabilities and considerations.

The Shipping Packing Process

We take care of Packing an order for shipment and verifying the contents with a packing slip to eliminate mistakes and reduce returns.We choose to make the packing slip visible to our customers by including it in the actual package. A packing slip offers an easy visual confirmation of what was ordered and delivered, an opportunity to thank the customer for their purchase, provides a record of their purchase, and incentivizes future purchases by sharing social websites or even special offers and discounts.